How can every homeowner prepare for an emergency?
Wherever you live, being prepared for a potential natural disaster can help protect your home and your family. Here are 3 things every homeowner should have for an emergency: 

A Plan – You need a plan for a potential natural disaster. What are the escape routes? Where are the safe places – a closet, the bathtub, or a storm cellar? What happens if you and your family are separated – where is your designated meeting site? 

A Checklist – Creating a list of things you will need for before, during, and after a natural disaster is vital. The U.S. government provides checklists you can use, which are available at 

An Emergency Kit – You can compile your own, or you can purchase an Emergency Food Kit at stores like Costco. You will need water (one gallon per-person, per-day), a first aid kit, flashlights with extra batteries, and emergency cash.