WHAT YOU TALKING ABOUT WILLIS?  (If you know this phrase you are officially as old as me! I loved that show.)    Well, what that means is this.  There are agents out there, again NOT ME, but agents who are showing homes without qualified buyers in their cars.   They will call you to set the appointment and you get all excited like these buyers are going to "be the ones".  Then you hear nothing.  I then call the buyer agent to get some feedback for you and the answer is this.  "Well, they are just starting to look".   "They still have to get their house ready to put on the market".  "They are not sure if they want to move at all yet, just seeing what's out there".    This translates to, they are NOT a buyer.  And I can go on and on.  

This is something I tell sellers up front.  This happens ALOT.  Don't get discouraged.  I know it's a lot of work for showings, even when you have CLEANED OUT AND CLEANED UP, so you just have to roll with it.   This is something that is an issue in our field.  It takes some work to get a real buyer in the car, keep him in the car, then keep him from jumping off the ledge while buying.  Trust me; I have to have my wine......cases of it actually.

Now even worse, yes there's more.  Some agents may have someone who really wants to buy a house.  Any house.   BUT even then these agents may have FINANCIALLY UNQUALIFIED BUYERS IN THEIR CARS!  Yep, again, you ask, "who in the world would do that?”  "Why would an agent waste their time showing properties to a buyer who can't afford to buy anything?”  Well, the sad truth is, I can't answer that.  I personally do not run my business that way because, well, it’s just stupid.  Selling real estate is a tough job.  I mean, way different than you see on HGTV.  It's an expensive business to operate and then you throw in the indecisive people, agents who really don't know if their buyers are qualified, and bingo!   A recipe for panic.  All buyers I personally work with are qualified.  I don't waste my time or a seller’s time showing property to buyers who cannot afford to get a mortgage.  So make sure when you have a showing that you ask whether the potential buyer has been to a lender, their credit is cleared for a mortgage or better yet has CASH!  





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