GO FEST 2017


Not sure if any of you had a chance to go to the GO OUTSIDE FESTIVAL, this weekend in downtown Roanoke, but if you hadn't, I had to share with you a few pictures of my favorite event.  The Ultimate Air Dogs.  Although my Schnauzer is a priss, just like her mama, I love watching these guys get flight.  You can register your dog the day of the event, and even get some practice time in with them to see if they are "jumpers".  My husband took a few of these pictures and my favorite was the great dane. Yes, that's an actual great dane in the last picture.  He got 22 feet of "air" before making a gigantic splash.  This is a really cool show for kids and adults, so if you didn't make it this year, definitely keep them in mind for next year.

I have included their website below.  You can always look them up on line to see more cool pics!